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Intec Controls Inc.
Rittal Fan Promotion PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joel Fradette   
Saturday, 30 March 2013 12:12

Looking for Fans for your enclosures?  We have special pricing on lots of five with our spring Promotion.  See below for the various models/sizes.  Contact us with any questions!

Click and save THIS LINK to download the Pricelist.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 31 March 2013 23:19 )
Intec Partners with Siemens PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joel Fradette   
Thursday, 06 December 2012 04:00

As part of a long term strategic move, we are excited to announce that we have become a full field instrumentation business partner with Siemens. 

This includes all of the major instruments used in pressure, flow, temp, and level measurement.  As many of you know, we have been selling and supporting Siemens level equipment for over 14 years and by deepening our relationship with Siemens we will have the ability to provide you with many more innovative products than we have been able to in the past.  Our experience with Siemens over this time has proven to us that they make very high quality field instrumentations products and we ask for the opportunity to show you the features and benefits of these products and let us prove to you that they are of the highest quality and the best for your business.


As a result of this exciting news, Intec Controls will no longer be handling the Foxboro Instrumentation equipment in Saskatchewan & Manitoba. We have had a long relationship selling and supporting Invensys field instrumentation products for over 18 years and we pride ourselves on being a Saskatchewan based company and we feel Siemens is the best fit on how we do business in Saskatchewan moving forward.


This is surely unexpected news and rest assured we did not make this decision lightly. We hope each of you will consider our long term relationships and high level of service provided during this transition and we humbly ask that you continue to come to us with all of your instrumentation needs.  We thank you for your continued support and with the full support of Siemens Canada we are excited to take on the challenges of this new direction.


 If you have any questions please feel free contact Michael Swejda or Joel Fradette at (306)244-2200.


Last Updated ( Monday, 10 December 2012 05:22 )
Rittal Systems & Intec Controls Announce Partnership Print E-mail
Written by Mike Swejda   


In order to increase coverage and enhance customer service in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Rittal Systems Ltd. has appointed Intec Controls Inc. as the authorized "Manufacturer's Distributor for their products.  Rittal is based out of Mississauga, ON and corporatly head quartered in Germany.

Intec Controls Inc. was chosen because it is a technically sound and customer service oriented organization capable of full supporting the Rittal products.  Intec Controls has represented quaility electrical and instrumentation products in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for the past fifteen years and is looking forward to enhancing their relationship with Rittal to provide better customer support for the Rittal products in this territory.

Working with Intec controls Rittal will have a broader capability to respond to inquiries for their complete line of industrial, outdoor and climate controlled enclosures.  Rittal Industrial enclosures offer durable protection for a wide variety of applocations in practically any plant floor enviroment.  Whether you require a freestanding, floor, wallmounted or operator interface enclosure to meet your needs, Rittal has the ideal solution for you.  Avaliable in carbon or stainless, fiberglass or aluminum, there's a Rittall enclosure suited for virtually any degree of protection or enviroment.

The appointment of Intec Controls is a value added service component designed to provide you with increased local representation and a single point of contact for the Rittal products.  The Intec Controls Team, consisting of Joel Fradette, Jonathan Petryk and Mike Swejda will provide local sales support for Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Local support is a very high priority for Intec and Rittal.  Intec Controls will be carrying local inventory on the most popular Rittal products.

If you have any inquires please direct them to the Intec Controls Office in Saskatoon or Rittal Systems Ltd through the following link:  www.rittal.ca

Last Updated ( Monday, 01 February 2010 04:41 )
Siemens Sitrans LUT-400 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joel Fradette   
Sunday, 09 December 2012 22:22

The new benchmark in ultrasonic level measurement accuracy: the Sitrans LUT400 ultrasonic controller. With world-leading accuracy of 1?mm (0.04 inches), the Sitrans LUT400 ensures that measurements are consistently precise.

The compact, single-point Sitrans LUT400 controller excels at continuous level monitoring and control in liquids, solids, or slurry applica­tions in a wide range of industries. The controller is a flexible solution for an array of applications, including water/wastewater monitoring and pumping, inventory management, crusher control, truck load-outs, or anything in between.

The Sitrans LUT400 is available in three models: Sitrans LUT420 Level and Volume Controller; Sitrans LUT430 Level, Volume, Pump, and Flow Controller; and Sitrans LUT440 High Accuracy Open Channel Monitor, providing a full suite of advanced level, volume, and pump controls.

Sitrans LUT400
The Sitrans LUT 400 (Photo: Siemens AG)

High performance and precision

The new controller features a patented digital receiver, which provides improved echo signal strength and confidence, as well as digital band-pass filtering for better noise rejection. Next-generation Sonic Intelligence offers better echo processing for more accurate level readings.

Savings and safety

With the Sitrans LUT400, operations are more cost-effective: inventory monitoring is always precise, processes can be better controlled, and expensive spill cleanups can be avoided. A reliable ultrasonic level controller reduces the need to send operators to the application for maintenance. By keeping workers out of hazardous situations altogether, companies immediately reduce the chance of accidents and the consequences to their business. Sitrans LUT400 is programmable in under a minute with graphical Quick Start Wizards on the intuitive local user interface with local four-button programming and menu-driven parameters. Sitrans LUT400 controllers are compatible with the full line of Siemens Echomax transducers, with an operating range of 0.3 to 60 m (1 to 200 feet), depending on the transducer.


  • 1 mm (0.04”) industry-leading accuracy

  • Easy-to-use local user interface for quick set-up and maintenance

  • Improved performance in noisy environments thanks to digital receiver technology

  • Compatible with the full line of Siemens Echomax transducers

Siemens RD500 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joel Fradette   
Sunday, 17 January 2010 05:10

Siemens RD500 Remote Data Manager

Siemens Sitrans RD500

Sitrans RD500 is a remote data manager providing integrated web access, alarm event handling and data capture for instrumentation, including flow, level, pressure, temperature measurement and weighing.

It enables remote monitoring of inventory levels, process and environmental applications, and provides web access to most types of field instrumentation.  With Sitrans RD500 it is as simple as typing an ip address into your web browser to access the data from remotely installed instrumentation.  It collects and sends sensor data to logistics systems providing up to date, timely and accurate information used in decision making.

Key Applications and Industries

Remote monitoring of inventory and industrial processes is applicable to most industries.  The RD500 is the solution for customers that need to monitor field instruments from anywhere, any time of the day.  These are just a few application examples:

  • Hydro carbon processing - inventory monitoring for oil and gas distribution
  • Oil and Gas - oil supply retail auto service stations
  • Mining, aggregates and cement - pit monitoring of shift production results, monitoring of cement inventory levels on building sites
  • Chemicals, e.g. ink supply at newspaper print locations
  • Food and beverages - animal feed levels, grains, cereals, and other ingredients
  • Environmental monitoring, such as overflow, water treatment and site remediation
  • Logistics - reduction of transportation costs for trucking and supply companies

Features and Benefits

  • Configurable software supports out of the box operation; no engineering or coding required
  • Up to 128 conventional IO devices can be connected per location, with up to 247 Modbus serial devices
  • Scalable offering, providing flexible and large number of IO options that can be added over time
  • Connectivity to most instrumentation
  • Supports Modbus serial instrumentation allowing for read and write access to Modbus devices.
  • Remote configuration of RD500
  • Remote viewing of instrumentation data
  • Remote data collection
  • Uses standard web browser, no additional software required
  • Ethernet and serial modem communications options
  • Alarming, reporting and messaging via SMS text messaging, E-mail, FTP and HTML
  • Sends reporting automatically via email or FTP
  • Capacity for years of data

Please contact Intec Controls for additional information and pricing.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 January 2010 03:11 )
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